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Are your insides making you sick?
1 May, 2016

A rather sensitive but crucial topic to our health, Constipation, seems to appear more often due to the increase in processed foods and unnatural eating habits. People eat too much food without natural fiber, drink too little water and fluids, exercise too little to move food through the system and live generally in unnatural environments […]

3 ways to deepen your meditation
25 April, 2016

If you’re anything like me, you’re on a journey to deepen your experiences in life. I often hear from people how they are having issues sitting for a longer period or even devoting some time to meditate each day. Here are some ways to help you not only sit more often, but sit deeper and […]

I’m now offering my 90-Day coaching as a Live-In Experience starting in Los Angeles! The package includes: • Daily Homemade Vegan Meals • Weekly Meditation Practices • Weekly Fitness Programs • Weekly Conscious Living Coaching Sessions This program will help you live a more fulfilled, whole and productive life, through a fully immersive experience. For […]

When belief is challenged by experience
7 July, 2014

I’m fascinated with NDE or Near death experiences lately. I have watched Documentary films, read articles and books as well as watched a few movies based on real events. What fascinates me is the part that challenges people’s beliefs in what we consider real, or tangible ergo that which we can put belief in and then […]

When the going gets tough…
22 February, 2014

There is a lot of talk about how to make it in the world, that in order to achieve your goals you have to endure great struggle and challenges or it’s not worth it. I have for a long time been asking if this is the truth or if it is just a condition of […]

10 Ways to please – Men
31 January, 2014

Here are 10 ways you as a woman can please a man, and thereby allowing for him to also please you. After you have read all the 10 or the ones you resonate with set an intention to put them into practice today. Don’t wait one second, even if you are currently single these guidelines […]

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I have worked with many healers and teachers over the years. Lasse is among the purest I've found. I've known him for several years. From day one, he has been able to get directly to the source of what needs to be uncovered for one's personal development. He has walked right alongside me and dug up my deepest, darkest fears. This has only been possible because I trust him implicitly. In a world obsessed with appearance, Lasse's physical attributes are nothing compared to the beauty that radiates from inside him. Meeting someone like Lasse happens once in a lifetime. I'm blessed to call him my friend.
Liz M.
Lasse is the most honest person I know and the one person I can trust in business and in my personal life. Lasse is one of a kind! And in this world and We could put this man to any challenge because I believe he will be the first to figure solutions out and he will always be the first to the finish line. Lasse Larsen is a leader, mentor and and a legacy!
Darcy S / Fashion Designer
Lasse Larsen is an incredibly forward thinker, and has devised a great series of coaching sessions with extremely intelligent, deep conversations, assignments to hold you accountable, questions, as well as exercises in health, exercise, diet and nutrition.
Diana L / Photographer



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